It has been awhile since I have posted to this website. I have been busy tracking down the information on Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama that proves that he is not a natural born citizen, and therefore, not eligible to be President under U.S. Constitution Article II Section 1 Clause 5. Barack Hussein Obama is a Usurper doing grave damage to our National Security and our children’s future.
The Usurper has a dual allegiance at his birth to Stanley Ann Dunham and Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (British Citizen), which alone makes the Usurper ineligible. As such last year I filed three court cases here in New York and since last fall in December am seeking all the exit egress information under the Freedom of Information Act in Washington DC; and now challenge the Usurper's authority to serve as President in that he is ineligible, and must appear with my demand for a Quo Warranto for an Inquest before Judge Richard J. Leon in the Washington District of Columbia U.S.D.C. case STRUNK V. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE AND HOMELAND SECURITY  1:08-cv-02234-RJL in re the FOIA challenge; and further, since July I now also have two related cases  1:09-cv-01249-RJL (Strunk v New York Province of the Society of Jesus et al. in re the Logan Act, and 1:09-cv-01295-RJL Strunk v US Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census et al. in re the 2010 Census.
It should concern the reader that every act that the Usurper does is illegal and must be challenged as being void ab initio.
Based upon what I have obtained and learned so far, beyond the fact that he has a dual allegiance at his Birth, is that it appears now that the Usurper, Barry Soetoro, has as many a four allegiances: British, Kenyan, Indonesian and USA (and maybe even from Canada); and because I have seen a copy of his Birth Certificate, He was in fact born in Kenya at the Coastal Hospital in Mombasa on August 4, 1961 - not Hawaii.
The copy of the actual long form birth certificate was obtained in Kenya by an investigator in February, and that is filed along with the record of the Birth obtained by a Hawaiian Attorney in the divorce case between Dunham and Obama in 1964, and both documents await verification in the case Barnett et al. v Obama 09-cv-000082 in CACD before Judge David O. Carter.
In addition to the three cases in Washington D.C. District, I have an Original Proceeding challenging the District judge for having a conflict of interest with the appearance impropriety in that he is a paid employee of the Jesuits at Georgetown University, and in that Georgetown University controls the U.S. Department of State and its foreign service who are defendants in the FOIA case, such fact is a matter that must go to his recusal along with an investigation of the Clerk's office who have interfered with due process, before any decision may be made by him in the matter of the Quo Warranto demand in 08-cv-2234 that takes precedence.
I am interested in cleaning ALL the Progressives out of the Republican Party here in New York along with the need to register all members of the Knights of Malta such as is Pataki, Giuliani and others now seeking public office under the Republican banner. They serve one master, the Vatican, whose objectives are not that of the People of New York.
I am on Social Security and work part time for an attorney and a such would appreciate any donation in the way of stamps or a couple of dollars sent in the mail so that I may defray the cost of copying and mailing, which in the long run are the real court costs that burden due process; especially in that I have to mail copies of everything to as many as ten attorneys each time I produce court paper. If you are interested in helping defray such costs please send stamps and or cash to:
Chris Strunk
593 Vanderbilt Avenue - #281
Brooklyn, New York 11238
 Thank you for your consideration and if you want me to keep you on my case update mailing list please provide an address or email accordingly and I will keep you informed.
Best Regards
Chris Strunk

Chris Strunk & Son with Rev. W.E. Norman, Sr. and Yonker's City Council Leader Patricia D. McDow awaiting Dr. Alveda King at the Solid Rock Christian Church on Saturday 6/14/08

(MP3 Archive February 25, 2008) Bob Dornan & Chris Strunk,

(MP3 Archive February 7, 2008) Christopher Strunk, Candidate for New York State Senate NYC, on an antii-Jesuit Ticket